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Thread Lift

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are a minimally invasive, non-surgical aesthetic treatment that tightens skin and improves overall texture and tone.

PDO threads tighten, lift, and improve skin texture by naturally inducing the production of collagen and increasing blood flow to the treatment area. PDO thread treatments result in firmer, more youthful looking skin – with some effects visible immediately and others within 2-6 weeks.

PDO threads are completely absorbed by the body with minimal tissue reaction.

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What do PDO Thread treatments do?

PDO threads stimulate neocollagenesis through the body’s natural healing process. The threads are embedded subdermally to tighten and lift the skin. PDO threads initiate collagen production in the treatment area, adding in the missing biostimulation that neurotoxins and dermal fillers alone cannot produce. This leads to skin rejuvenation that can last up to 24 months.

What are PDO Threads made of?

PDO threads are sterile, single-use, polydioxanone biodegradable sutures. The threads are embedded sub-dermally via cannula and generate tensing fibrosis in the surrounding tissue. The body reacts by naturally increasing collagen production in the treatment area, leading to increased volume and skin tightening. The flexible, absorbable polymer is dissolved and broken down by the body within 3–6 months.

Are PDO Threads safe?

Polydioxanone threads were first used to correct facial paralysis. With time, studies revealed that the sutures induce a mechanical skin tension and stimulate fibroblasts that mimic natural neocollagenesis. Polydioxanone sutures have been used for almost 40 years in orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and ophthalmology.

PDO threads are one of the safest aesthetic procedures available, specifically when compared to other injectables. The treatments are minimally invasive with a high safety profile, complete absorption of threads, and very little tissue reaction. With PDO thread treatment there is virtually no risk of a vascular compromise such as a vascular occlusion or vascular compression. V Soft Lift PDO threads are preloaded into a cannula. The entire unit (thread and cannula) is FDA-cleared as a Class II Medical Device with 510K certification.

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